3 Ways to Get Your Business Gift Card Ready for St. Patrick’s Day

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March 17th is fast approaching and we’re excited for the annual St. Patricks’ Day festivities. After a few years where the celebrations were mostly online it’s great to see people flock back to their local villages, towns, and cities again.


St. Patrick’s Day for businesses


Businesses all over Ireland are gearing up for what will hopefully be a busy few days of celebrating Irish culture. There’s not a doubt in our minds that plenty of plates of food and gallons of Guinness will be consumed as people go out and meet friends and family.


Our yearly celebration of Irish culture is a great opportunity for small businesses to make the most of extra footfall and online traffic.


Whether you run a café, a fast casual restaurant, a bar, a shop, or any kind of business really, here are some things to keep in mind for your gift cards as St. Patrick’s Day approaches.


Make the most of your on-site customers


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This is a prime opportunity to sell gift cards to people who may not usually be in your business. Whether it’s tourists visiting from out of town, locals who are infrequent guests, or brand new customers visiting your business, you’ll want to give them a reason to return. We can’t think of a better way to prompt a return visit than a gift card.


To guarantee that visit it’s important that guests know you actually have gift cards for sale. Display posters on-site and make sure your staff know they should tell guests that they can buy a gift card, either for themselves or someone they’d like to treat.


Treat a tourist


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According to Dublin Airport almost 800,000 passengers are set to travel through Dublin Airport during the 12-day St Patrick’s Day period this year from March 12 to March 24. With all of this travel comes the opportunity to sell gift cards in advance.


Have you ever wanted to treat someone for a special occasion but knew you weren’t going to see them in person? A digital gift card is a fantastic way to spoil someone, especially someone who will be in Ireland for the Paddy’s Day festivities. If your business is expecting a lot of tourists make sure to get the message out on your website and social media early that you have gift cards for sale.


Serve up St. Patrick’s Day Experiences


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If you really want to focus on the St. Patrick’s Day timeframe we recommend creating special St. Patrick’s Day experiences and selling vouchers or gift cards for them in advance. It could be dinner and drinks with an Irish twist, a special Irish set menu at your restaurant, a special deal on Irish made produce if you’re a retailer, or an Irish themed event for guests that’s exclusively available with your bespoke gift voucher.


If you don’t have a gift card provider right now and would like to get set up with a crave.cards account we’d be more than happy to help.


You can sign up here and one of the team will be in touch to get you started. With our help you can start selling cards and voucher experiences just in time for March 17th and have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day.


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