Top 5 Father’s Day Gift Card Ideas

Father's Day Gift Cards, gift card solution

June is well known for two things, summer getting into full swing and Father’s Day festivities. If you’re wondering how you can use a gift card to bring in customers this Father’s Day here are some great Father’s Day gift card ideas that you can consider for your business.


If you own or run any of the following stores we definitely recommend creating a Father’s Day specific gift card. It goes without saying that every dad is different and has their own unique hobbies so there’s sure to be something to appeal to everyone here.


Sporty Dad


Sport Loving Father's Day Gift Card, gift card


Sports Store Gift Card: If you have a sports store you’ll no doubt see plenty of dads in your customer base. For all the dads who are major sports enthusiasts, a gift card to your sports store will allow them to choose the sports equipment, apparel, or memorabilia that they really want.


Techy Dad


Tech Loving Father's Day Gift Card, gift cards


Tech Store Gift Card: If your store caters to the tech market you’ll be well used to seeing gadget loving dads in your shop. The dads who are into technology will really appreciate a gift card to your store. Give them the gift of choice and allow them to select the latest gadgets, accessories, or electronics that they may be interested in.


Foodie Dad


Foodie Father's Day Gift Card, gift card solutions


Restaurant Gift Card: If you run a restaurant of any size Father’s Day is a prime gifting occasion. Give your customers the opportunity to treat the dads in their lives to a delicious meal by offering a special gift card to your business. Gift receivers can choose between enjoying a special Father’s Day dinner with their gift card or using it for a meal with family and friends at a later date.


Book Loving Dad


Book Lover Father's Day Gift Card, gift card solutions, gift cards


Bookstore Gift Card: If selling books is your main business then offering a Father’s Day gift card to your customers is definitely something to consider. For all the dads who are avid readers, a gift card to your bookstore will allow them to select books from their favourite authors or explore new genres that they are interested in.


Golf Loving Dad


Golf Loving Fathers Day Gift Card, gift cards for Father's Day


Golf Course Gift Card: Operate a golf course? For dads who enjoy playing golf, a gift card to your golf course will provide them with the opportunity to play a round of golf, use it towards membership or even pick up a few lessons.


With such a wide range of potential personal interests and hobbies, it’s important that customers have choices when selecting a gift card for their dads.


If your business is still thinking about setting up a Father’s Day gift card solution we’d be happy to take you through a demo and show you how simple it is to add a gift card solution to your business.


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