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getting started with gift card solution

Thanks so much for your interest in We’d be delighted to give you a demonstration and show you how our gift card solution works. If you’d like an in-depth look around drop us a line at to set up a demo. We’ll take you through our features, answer any questions you have, and show you why we think our gift card solution is the best one for your business.


New to gift cards?


Never sold gift cards before? Our expert team will to take you through everything you need to know, from set up to settlements. We pride ourselves that the gift card solution is simple to get started with, easy to use, and provides a straightforward way to add value to your business and your customers.


If you like analytics as much as we do you’ll be happy to hear that you’ll have access to analytics on your backend. This data can be used to see how well your cards and campaigns are doing, which ones could use a tweak, and which ones to keep rolling out. The more you use the system the more data and insights you’ll be able to see, helping you to run more effective campaigns, plan for busy periods, forecast your gift card sales, and make the most of your customer base.


If you’re interested in a new way of providing gift cards to your customers and need help switching from an existing card provider we’ve made it simple to switch to gift cards. Once you’ve signed up to our team will be on hand to help you with the switching process.


Ready to try


If you’ve never tried a gift card solution before and want to get started with one this is the perfect time to give ours a try and avail of our special 3 month introductory offer. Just drop us a line here and we’ll be happy to help.


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