Gift Cards for Your Business

Start or Switch, We Make it Simple.

If you’ve never sold gift cards for your business before our expert team are here to take you through everything you need to know, from set up to settlements.

Our gift card solution is simple to set up, easy to use, and provides a straightforward way to add value to your business and your customers.

You’ll have access to analytics on your backend so you can see how well your cards and campaigns are doing, which ones could use a tweak, and which ones to keep rolling out. The more you use the system the more data and insights you’ll be able to see, helping you to run more effective campaigns, plan for busy periods, forecast your gift card sales, and make the most of your customer base.

If you’re interested in a new way of providing gift cards to your customers and need help switching from an existing card provider we are here to help. We’ve made it simple to switch to gift cards and our team are on hand to help you navigate the switching process.

Get in touch and we’ll soon have you gifting.

A Note on Integrations

We know that more and more people like to have all of their cards in one handy spot so we’ve made sure that gift cards are easily integrated with Google Wallet and Apple Wallet.

crave.card academy

Sharing knowledge is important to us so we’ve built the academy to help you make the most of our platform.

We want to empower you to get up and running with your gift card solution and start generating gift card sales so we’ve created step by step guides taking you through everything you need to make the most of the platform.

While we are always here to help we want to make sure that you can confidently use the system autonomously too!