Welcome to crave.cards

Welcome to crave.cards

Welcome to our crave.cards website

We are delighted to have you here and we’re excited to share more about what we do! Essentially, we create gift card solutions for businesses of every size.

The team behind crave.cards gift cards have been in the hospitality industry for more years than we care to mention, and trust us when we say we’ve seen our fair share of gift card offerings over that time. We haven’t ever been 100% satisfied with the options and features available to us up to now, which lead us here.

Building crave.cards

As a solutions focused group of experts we decided to create a gift card solution that offered all of the best parts of the cards that we liked, cut out the parts we didn’t in, and put them all in one handy package. We tackled all of the pain points we have direct experience with and came up with a platform that we believe really works for businesses of every size.

We’d love you to take a look around the site, check out our features, have a look at what some of our lovely customers have said about us, and get a feel for what crave.cards could do for you.

Supporting businesses with our gift card solution

We want to give every business the ability to sell gift cards, whether that’s digital cards, physical cards, single or multiple cards. Whether you want to sell individual gift cards to customers, sell multiple cards to customers, or just add a gift card option to your existing business so your customers can support you online even when your physical business is closed crave.cards has the solution for you.

We’re always looking for great companies to partner with so if you would like help turning your business into a beautiful gift get in touch with us here.

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