Top 3 Ways to Use Gift Cards to Celebrate International Day of Happiness gift cards, international day of happiness

Monday 20th of March is UN International Day of Happiness, a day to recognise the importance and relevance of happiness and well-being as goals for everyone. This year’s theme is: Be Mindful. Be Grateful. Be Kind.


Part of the aim of the day is help create a kinder, happier world together. From random acts of kindness like surprising someone with gift card to paying it forward and treating unsuspecting guests to a bonus on their cards there are lots of ways to use gift cards to mark the day.


Offer a registration bonus


international day of happiness, gift card registration bonus


Why not treat your customers to a bonus when they buy a card from you? Offering a 10% bonus on a gift card bought from you is an easy way to give back, to be mindful of adding something extra for your customers, and also guarantee that you’ll have customers coming back long after International Day of Happiness has passed.


Team building gift cards


international day of happiness, team building, company culture


Building a strong company culture is an important part of any contemporary workplace so it makes sense to build International Day of Happiness into your gift card calendar. With this year’s theme of being grateful this is an ideal opportunity to help companies show their gratitude to their teams with a gift card.


When you sell gift cards make sure to let people know they can buy multiple cards from you and that they can top them up multiple times. We love this handy feature for companies who want to indulge in repeat or regular gifting. If you’re on the enterprise plan you can allow customers to bulk purchase and email gift cards, a very handy feature for treating entire teams in one transaction.


Create bespoke cards


international day of happiness, bespoke gift cards,


If you’re using our Standard, Pro or Enterprise plans you can create unlimited bespoke card types. Why not create an International Day of Happiness gift card or a Be Kind gift card and run a special promotion for them? Give your customers the opportunity to spread kindness and help to create a happier environment for everyone.


If you don’t have a gift card solution yet but you’re interested in learning more about how one could benefit you why not schedule a demo with us here? The team are more than happy (we couldn’t resist) to show you around and talk to you about how our gift card solution can bring happiness to your business.


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