Top 5 Features in Our Crave.Cards Gift Cards Enterprise Plan

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Ready to take on a gift card solution? Not sure which plan is the best one for you? It’s a big question and one we’re happy to help you with. Take a look at our plans here to see a quick overview of our Standard, Pro, and Enterprise features, and then read on to see why our Enterprise plan could be the right choice for your business.


Why Chose Our Enterprise Plan?


While the Standard plan is enough to help a small business get started selling gift cards if you are a multi-site multi-brand operator we know that you’ll need more than just the basics.


With a Pro plan, you will already have access to digital and physical cards, event-specific vouchers, our native Android & IOS merchant apps, cloud-based access to your account online anytime and anywhere; customer registration options, customisable public and private cards, multi-sales channels (online & instore), and your top-up/ redemption report.


We know that as businesses grow you will need more features so we created an Enterprise plan with even more ways to boost your business.


Branding Your Digital and Physical Gift Cards enterprise plan, custom card designs


Putting your mark on your gift cards is an important piece of branding for any company. We’ve created a number of sample gift cards to get you started on your gift card journey but with the Enterprise plan, you have the freedom to customise your cards to your own brand.


We love seeing the creativity people bring to their card design so the only limit for your gift cards is your imagination.


Digital or Physical Gift Cards; Why Offer Both?


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A large portion of people still prefer a physical gift card over a digital one. These are the people who like having something tangible to hold in their hand and present to a giftee.


A physical gift card is perfect for these customers and gives them that special feeling they’re craving. With the Enterprise Plan, you have the option to sell physical cards in-store for an instant gift or order a physical gift card online to be sent out in the post.


The beauty of posting a physical card is that with you can also choose to send a digital version of the card to the giftee’s email address, so if they’re eager to use the card they don’t have to wait for the post to be delivered.


For every person who likes having something to hold, there’s another who loves the convenience of receiving a card digitally. We’ve made it simple for you to sell digital gifts with a custom-branded website link just for your business.


Your customers can visit your page, choose the card they want and pick whether they want to send it instantly or delay it to a time and date they choose for themselves. It’s never been easier to plan your gifting.


Ideal For Multi-Brand, Multi-Entity Business


Businesses that have more than one brand or entity to look after can benefit from the greater flexibility that the Enterprise Plan offers. With a Enterprise plan you’ll be able to track all cards and manage all of your gift card needs for every location in one central account instead of jumping between multiple ones, saving you time and removing inconveniences.


Ability To Bulk Send Corporate Gift Cards


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Our Enterprise Plan gives you the ability to offer bulk card ordering to your gift card customers. This is one of our favourite features as people bulk buying your gift cards can choose whether to assign gift cards to one person and let them distribute the cards or assign a gift card to each person individually.


We especially love this feature for corporate businesses that are taking advantage of the small benefits exemption scheme and want to reward multiple teams at the same time.


Avail of Custom Receipts and Email Templates


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In addition to using your own branding on your gift cards, with an Enterprise Plan, you can also brand your gift receipts and emails. Your account manager will be available to help with the setup of your initial templates. As you add new cards or campaigns we’ll be on hand to assist and make sure everything runs smoothly for you.


Keep Track Of Physical Gift Card Stock Counting


The Enterprise Plan comes with the additional facility to track and count physical card stock. You can have a clear overview of how many cards you have as your starting stock, how many cards have been sold, and how many you should have left.


You can quickly identify if there is any variance between what you should have in stock and what’s actually available, helping you to control your costs and budget accordingly.


Access To Custom Full Reporting & Analytics Suite


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With an Enterprise Plan, you can see what’s happening with your gift cards in real time. You’ll be able to see exactly how many cards you’ve sold, all of the registered cards, the expiry dates, and the remaining balances on cards that have been issued.


You’ll also have an overview of the physical stock level you have to hand, as long as you’ve been keeping up to date with your stock counts.


If you are still undecided about which plan to choose we recommend checking out our full list of price plans. You can compare the different features and functions for yourself in your own time. We know that the more information you have the better the decision you’ll make; if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help.


Interested in the enterprise plan? Ready to request a demo? We’d be delighted to take you through the front end, back end and answer any questions you may have.


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