Top 6 Reasons Your Business Needs A Gift Card This Summer

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Summer is a great time for gifting and growing your business in Ireland. The weather is usually warmer and sometimes even sunny. People are generally in a good mood, and there are plenty of occasions to celebrate with everything from holidays and birthdays to company milestones cropping up.


All of this celebration brings opportunities to businesses looking to attract new customers and boost sales. If you are one of those businesses there’s one solution that has proven to be a consistently successful summer sales tool: gift cards.


By offering gift cards, companies can encourage customers to spend more money in-store or online. This is particularly true if you are a retailer who sells seasonal items, such as swimwear or outdoor equipment, as customers may be more willing to make a purchase if they know they can use a gift card towards it.


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Not only do gift cards help businesses generate revenue, but they also offer a range of benefits for both customers and business owners. Everything from flexibility and convenience to personalization makes gift cards a smart way to boost your business. They are also an ever-popular way for companies to show appreciation and recognition to their stakeholders, especially in terms of summer gifts to employees.


Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons companies should sell gift cards in summer.




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If your business offers products and services don’t miss out on a potential income stream by not offering a gift card for purchase. Gift cards allow recipients to choose what they want to buy, whether it’s a nice dinner, a day at the spa, or a new outfit for the summer. This flexibility ensures that the gift will be used and appreciated, which is the ultimate goal of any type of gifting.




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Gift cards can be purchased online or in-store, which makes the process of gifting much easier for companies. At we also offer corporate bulk ordering so if you want to allow a customer to buy and send a gift card to each member of their team in one transaction we’ve made it easy to do that.




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If you use our solution we offer unlimited bespoke card types so the only limit is your creativity. Gift cards can be tailored to the recipient’s interests, preferences, or needs. They can also be customised with personalized messages, logos, or designs to make them more memorable.




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Gift cards are a great way to help businesses build customer loyalty and increase repeat business. By offering gift cards as a reward for purchases or referrals, businesses can encourage customers to return and make additional purchases. This is particularly important during the summer months, when many businesses may experience a drop in sales as customers go on holidays or spend time outdoors.


Corporate Gifting Opportunities


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In the Irish market, gift cards are an excellent way for companies to take advantage of the small gift tax exemption scheme. Under this scheme, companies can give their employees a gift worth up to €1,000 per year, tax-free. This means that companies can offer gift cards as a way to reward and motivate their staff, without incurring additional costs. This gift can be split across a maximum of two payments in the year with many companies choosing to give a summer and winter gift. If you have a business that can offer gift cards this is a prime market to look at growing into, particularly in the employee wellness space.


Reduce Cash Handling


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Gift cards can also help businesses to reduce the amount of cash they have to handle, which can be particularly useful during busy periods. With more people out and about during the summer months, businesses may find it challenging to manage cash transactions efficiently. Gift cards provide a simple and secure alternative, reducing the risk of theft and ensuring that transactions are processed quickly and accurately.


To sum up, gift cards are an excellent tool for businesses in the Irish market, particularly during the summer months. They offer a simple and convenient way for customers to purchase products or services, while also generating revenue and building customer loyalty for businesses.


So, if you’re a business owner in Ireland looking to boost sales this summer, consider including gift cards as part of your sales and marketing strategy.


Are you ready to add a gift card to your business? Drop us a line here and we’ll have you set up for summer gifting in no time.


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